The Netherlands is a country of advanced technologies, entrepreneurs and pioneers, which gave the world many famous scientists and Nobel Prize winners, as well as many scientific discoveries in various fields. The country is among the seven largest industrialized countries in the world.

Requirements for Student Visa for the Netherlands

For the successful grant of a student visa for the Netherlands, you must submit these compulsory documents:
•Valid passport
•Proof of sufficient financial means validating that you will be able to support yourself financially during your stay. These include either or all of transfer of funds, bank statement and scholarship letter.
•Letter from the university you have chosen confirming your admission or enrollment
•Proof of payment for all required legal fees
•Health insurance

Other document requirements are:
•Completed application form
•Two photographs meeting the officially specified conditions
•Birth certificate
•Academic transcripts

Insurance Requirements

As part of the Netherlands student visa requirements, students are required to have valid health insurance to bear their medical expenses in the Netherlands, if required. For non-EU, non-EEA and students from Switzerland, their EU Health Insurance Card should be sufficient.

For those working in the Netherlands, it is compulsory to take the Dutch basic healthcare insurance. Keep this in mind if you intend to work for part-time during your course.

Students should find out from their host institution for details on health insurance requirements and reference for an insurance company. Many private companies also offer special insurance packages for students.

There are some other insurance options that are not required but are strongly advised. Personal liability insurance is for insuring you against costs incurred by you in case of damage to someone or their property. Repatriation insurance should also be considered. It covers you against the transferring cost incurred if a serious medical condition requires returning you to your home country. Household contents insurance covers you against any unfortunate damage to your house due to fire, water damage and theft, among others things.

Work Permit for Holland Student Visas

All international students are permitted to work alongside their studies.

For non-EU and non EEA students, a work permit is required to work. This permit has to be obtained by the prospective employer on your behalf. Even with this work permit, students can work only for a limited number of hours, i.e. 10 hours a week. They are allowed to work full-time during the months of June, July and August.

Students from EU, EEA (except Croatia) and Switzerland do not require a work permit.

To receive wages, you are also required to have a Burger Service Number or a ‘citizen service number.’ You are issued this number when you register with the local municipality.

Even when you are a student, you are required to file and pay income tax. If you are on a scholarship, note that in some cases even scholarship is counted as an income and therefore is eligible for taxation.

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