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New Zealand


International students who want to study throughout New Zealand should be eligible to obtain a student visa. Accumulate all information that makes sure your eligibility. If you can’t approach to local embassy of Fresh Zealand situated in your country to search out the exact information about the application for student visa for New Zealand.

NZ Student Visa Requirements
•You must be accepted in a full-time educational course – at an approved and registered institution providing tuition to international students.
•You or your parents (sponsor, or sponsoring institution) must provide evidence of sufficient funds to support your stay, approximately NZ$10,000 per year.
•You must provide a proof that you plan to leave New Zealand after your studies are completed. A return ticket or funds to purchase one are often considered enough.
•Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months after your estimated studies completion.
•You must have a clean criminal record.
•You must not have been deported from or asked to leave any country.
•You must not pose a risk to the national security, public order and interest.
•You must not be in New Zealand illegally.
•The Immigration New Zealand must believe you won’t breach the conditions of your visa.
•You must be free of any serious long-term illness or incapacity. You will be required to have a medical and a X-ray certificate

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